Criteria for International Representation:


The following criteria have been put in place for the selection of players for International Representation:


  1. Player must be a current member of the BLTA.
  2. Player must be in good standing with the BLTA.
  3. Player must possess a Bermuda passport or have documents to show Bermuda Status.
  4. Player must participate in a BLTA sanctioned Tournament the year prior to the event. Example, if International event is in March of 2015, the player must have played at least one BLTA sanctioned tournament in 2014. A player’s local ranking is taken in consideration.
  5. A player must participate in match play organized by the BLTA. Example: trial matches, Christmas Classic or round robin competitions.
  6. A player must participate in organized fundraising if required by the BLTA.
  7. A player must agree to the rules and requirements of the competition, the BLTA, Bermuda Government (Ministry for Social Development & Sport) and the Bermuda Council for Drug Free Sports.


Note: A player has to play in at least one BLTA sanctioned tournament in order to receive any consideration for International Representation and/or be actively playing in the Junior ITF Circuit, ITF Pro Circuit, ATP or WTA.

Players with ATP or WTA Tour Ranking points are exempt from the above criteria #4 and #5.

 or International Junior representation a player with Junior ITF Circuit points may be exempt from the above criteria #4 and #5.